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Artistic Expression = Endless Possibilities

Children’s Acting Lessons

Abbott & Lois teaches Classical Acting to further the confidence, talent, and critical thinking skills of our students. We teach theater education as a discipline; meaning that the approach our students take to practing and evolving in their work can apply to any other studies they take on.

When children are given the tools to take pride in their unique form of artistic expression, there is no limit to what they can learn.

Lessons Include… 

  • Fundamentals of Acting 
  • Theater Appreciation 
  • Exposure to the teamwork in artistry (sound design, light design, and backstage management) 

Each session is $25 and 1-hour long. Sign-up on a per-session basis or try the recommended route of a 5-week term with a culminating final project at the end. We are based in the Chicagoland area and teach private lessons virtually.

Want to try us out first? We offer one 30-minute lesson free of charge.

Teens & Adults Acting Lessons 

Already a seasoned actor? Whether you need help preparing for an audition or would just like to expand your skill set, Abbott & Lois can help. 

  • Audition Prep 
  • Monologue Selection 
  • 5-Week Term Classical Acting Course

What is Classical Acting? 

Classical Acting is an umbrella school of thought that combines the theories and systems of select authorities in the field. In contrast to experiential and observations-based acting, in which actors emotionally recall moments from their life, classical acting relies on training, personalized analysis, and precise control over the voice and body to deliver a carefully crafted piece of art. 

Meet the Instructor

Erina Johnson has had a passion for children’s theater education since she was a child herself. It may sound funny, but from an early age, Erina knew helping children develop and fine-tune their craft and understanding of theater as a whole was the path she wanted to pursue in life. Her years of professional private coaching only helped propel that.

Erina’s professional career started with the opening of an adult theater company, The Kirkwood Players, which has grown into an environment where children and adults can be found alongside each other on the big stage. Here, Abbott & Lois offers the opportunity for children to gain the fundamentals, confidence, and appreciation needed to master the craft no matter what their end goal may be.

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