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You can’t do a play without teamwork! Our class gives students firsthand experience in the multitude of skills applied in the theater. They hone in on their unique forms of artistic expression and collaborate with each other to create a full-fledged, mini production.

Fundamentals of Acting 

Every class participant will learn four fundamentals of Classical Acting, apply practice techniques, and explore the critical thinking skills that come naturally with the study of acting.


Students have the opportunity to take on their favorite behind-the-scenes role. They’ll learn a little bit about each: 

  • Light design
  • Sound design 
  • Props & Costumes
  • Stage Management

Come showtime, each student will shine in their own, unique way. And that’s what the arts are all about! If you are a park district, school, or other community organization and are interested in bringing in Abbott & Lois to teach your theater class, please send us an email: