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Let Abbott & Lois bring the theater experience to you. Our 1-hour assembly program consists of a performance by Abbott & Lois’ actors, Q&A throughout the performance, and a workshop in which everyone gets to participate. It is designed to be the perfect talking point for your classroom or a fun way for park districts to bring the field trip to their campers. The fee for our in-person assembly and workshop is $400.

The Play

Abbott & Lois’ performance starts with our signature 10-minute roll-on-the-floor-laughing play about a monkey at a baseball game. The kids learn about the magic of theater through questions like, “Could you see the ball? Even though there wasn’t a real ball?” The performance also includes dancing, monologues, and a little surprise performance by your teachers/counselors.

The Q&A

The play is an interactive learning experience, with Q&A sessions between every segment. This includes Erina’s tried-and-true 5-minute Shakespeare lesson, after which the kids will be able to confidently answer the question, “Who was this guy and why is he so important?”

The Workshop

Acting, singing, lights, sound, and stage management. Our workshop requires countless volunteers to participate in and display for their peers the teamwork required by theater. The workshop culminates in a special activity that allows every child in the audience to participate.

See clips from our assembly on the Abbott & Lois YouTube Channel

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